Extract Standardization

Extract Standardization

The aim of extract standardization is to yield a standardized extract. Standardized extract is an active constituents isolated from herbs and concentrated to a specific, guaranteed quality product and expressed as percentage.



Medicinal plant discovery

Botanical study

  • Morphological investigation of medicinal plant including macroscopic and microscopic studies.
  • Literature review based on monograph or pharmacopoeia.
  • Authentication of medicinal plant.

Extract preparation

Phytochemical investigation

  • Determination of raw material preparation method.
  • Standardization of extraction method.
  • Composition analysis.
  • Characterization of purity, impurities and contaminants.
  • Determination of marker compound or active constituent.

Extract fractionation

Identification of marker compound or active constituent

  • Analysis of marker compound or active constituent for preliminary identification.
  • Structural elucidation of compounds in extract preparation.

Chemical characterization

Physico chemical properties

  • Chemical identification of marker compund or active constituents by fingerprinting (chromatogram, spectroscopic etc.)
  • Quantification of marker compound or active constituent.
  • Physico chemical property measurements of marker compound/active constituent and extract.
  • Physical and chemical characterization of extract.
  • Structural elucidation of marker compound or active constituent.
  • Standardization of herbal extract.

Primary pharmacodynamic study

Biological characterization

  • Screening of pharmacology or therapeutic effect.

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