There is a national policy on TM/CAM along with related laws and regulations.  There is no national office as yet, nor is there a specific research center dedicated to TM/CAM.  However, research is underway at the University of Tromso where there is a strong program.


Medical Control Agency



Laws & Regulations

Norway maintains a list of acceptable nutrients and their maximum limits.  This list includes some botanicals.

Most botanicals fall under the Regulation on Medicinal Products Act of 1999.  There is a positive list for herbs.  Notification with the Medical Control Agency is necessary for herbs not on that list.  On the positive list are herbs that do not require notification, herbs that must be notified as natural remedies, and herbs that require prescriptions.  Botanicals must be manufactured with the same GMP's as those used for conventional drugs.

Fortified and Functional Foods - Pre-market notification is required with the Food Control Authority, and is only authorized for specific food categories; however, Pre-market authorization is required for products with added botanicals.

A post-marketing surveillance program is in effect which tracks adverse events.

There is a national policy on TM/CAM together with related laws and regulations.


Medical Control Agency