The Ministry of Health oversees the development of all rules, regulations and policies regarding Traditional Medicine.  Regulations on manufacturing and marketing of herbal medicines have been in place for over ten years and a national policy on Traditional Medical Practices is in the process of being developed. Traditional, complementary and alternative medicine (TCAM) is regulated in the UAE jointly departments at the Ministry of Health. The Drug Control Department controls the registration of non-conventional medicine such as herbal, homoepathic, Ayurvedic and Chinese, as well as natural products in drug stores and pharmacies. While the Complementary and Alternative Unit manages the licensing and regulation of TCAM practitioners. Most herbs are regulated as drug products with slight modification of the GMP rules and guidelines.  There are some herbs that are considered to be 'safe drugs' and these herbs require less stringent manufacturing practices. As with dietary supplements, herbal medicines are typically sold in pharmacies and in some specialty outlets. By July 2003, the Drug Control Department had registered 53 herbal medicines with a further 120 in the process of registration according to the rules and regulations for registration and re-registration of medicine and products derived from natural sources in Ministerial Decree No 3278 of 1997. Food supplement and other natural and herbal medicine without any clinical claim are being registered under a general list


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