Introduction to IPR

'Intellectual Property' is used synonymously with the term 'Industrial Property', which means the tangible representations of intellect and creativity. It includes patents, industrial designs, trade marks, copyrights, confidential information, trade secrets and protection of plant varieties. Please find further details in About.

Intellectual property protection is critical as it is a specialized type of intangible asset. There are special federal intellectual property laws, which can be used by all persons and for all types of business, regardless of size, to protect their investments in their innovation against competitors. In addition, intellectual property rights may be protected by the common law and equity. There are distinct laws for different countries and these can be viewed in the Snapshot section. A visitor may nominate a country from the drop-down menu to view its laws on intellectual property, and if need be, comparison with another country can also be made.

There are a number of patent databases in the world. On this site, there is a specific compilation of registered patents involving natural products with focus on plants. The database is at novice stage and will require time to develop into an extensive and comprehensive compilation. The information includes the title, inventors’ names, patent dates and the abstract of the patent. The database can be used for more than simply a patent search, namely to find out what patents a competitor is holding, to search for new technologies or to identify potential licensees. If a visitor is interested to read more on a particular patent, he or she will be directed to the free patent database sites on the internet. The information provided in the Patent Database, be it a particular keyword or a combination of keywords in the title, abstract or even the inventor name field, can be used to assist the search for documents in the free patent database sites.