Online Patent Search

Before the Internet came into being, a patent applicant undertook the grueling task of manually searching patent records at the Patent Registry for patents that were related to his field of invention, which, no doubt is a time-consuming and costly exercise.

Today, there are a number of patent databases available on the Internet that enable faster search besides being less expensive. There are a few patent databases that give free access to any person who wishes to conduct an online patent search. The main free services on the internet are:

Besides the free-access patent databases, there are a number of account-based databases which allow subscribers to conduct full-text search. These sites contain more in-depth information such as the current status of pending applications in all countries where the application was filed, as well as information on the assignment of the application.

The patent database here in GlobinMed provides useful information relating to traditional and complementary medicine. The information includes the patent number, place of application / registration (international country code), title of the invention, the inventors, natural products referred to in the application for patent and synopsis of the invention. If you require more information of this nature, please visit the aforesaid helpful websites.

Caveat: Business decisions should not be made based on this information alone. It is recommended that patent lawyers / agents be consulted.
Updated: July 2013