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The possible site of anti-asthmatic action of Tylophora asthmatica on pituitary-adrenal axis in albino rats.


Udupa AL, Udupa SL, Guruswamy MN




Planta Med


The effects of the alcoholic extract, the petroleum ether fraction, and the aqueous fraction of the alcoholic extract of Tylophora asthmatica on weight of the adrenal gland and its functional activities (as evidenced by its cholesterol and vitamin C content, plasma steroid, hydroxyproline content in skin) and pituitary-adrenal axis were studied using normal, unilaterally adrenalectomised, dexamethasone-treated (steroid suppression of ACTH), and stereotaxically hypophysectomised male albino rats. The extracts showed similar actions (i.e. stimulation of adrenals as indicated by increase in weight and decrease in cholesterol and vitamin C contents). The plasma steroid level was increased but skin hydroxyproline level findings were not conclusive. T. asthmatica was found to antagonise dexamethasone/hypophysectomy-induced suppression of pituitary on activity of the adrenals. It may be concluded that T. asthmatica may act by a direct stimulation of the adrenal cortex.

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