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How Licorice interacts with Laxatives

Interaction type: Interactions

Interaction rating: Potential/Theoritical

Based on pharmacology, high dosages and/or long term use of licorice with laxatives may affect the amount of electrolytes in the body. This may alter the effects of several medications and possibly the dose needed for treatment. Use with caution. (1) (2)

These drugs include cascara sagrada, mineral oil, docusate sodium, docusate calcium, sennosides, bisacodyl, psyllium, lactulose, castor oil, glycerin, polycarbophil, polyethylene glycol


  1. View Abstract: Epstein MT, et al. Effect of Eating Liquorice on the Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone Axis in Normal Subjects. Br Med J. 1977;1:488-90.
  2. View Abstract: Takeda R, et al. Prolonged Pseudoaldosteronism Induced by Glycyrrhizin. Endocrinology Japan. 1979;26(5):541-47.

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