Themeda arguens


Anthistiria arguens, Anthistiria ciliata, Anthistiria frondosa, Anthistiria pilifera, Stipa arguens, Themeda frondosa

Vernacular Names:


Malaysia – Rumput Misai Adam, Misai Tok Adam

English Tassel Grass, Kangaroo Grass, Christmas grass, Piano Grass

Rumput Merak


Yan Chao Chuu; Ya Chao Chu [2] [4]


 [2] [4]

General Information


Themeda arguens is a member of the family Poacea. It usually grows in tufts rather than solitary and reaches up to 120 cm tall with leaves mostly at the base. The leaf-sheaths of basal leaves are compressed, keeled, usually glabrous except at the junction with the blades. The upper sheaths are longer and rounded. Leaf-blades are linear measuring 5-30 x 0.3-0.8 cm; green or purplish in colour, flat or slightly folded in shape. The inflorescence of spatheate spike-like racemes arranged in flabelliform clusters from the ends or upper nodes. Each raceme subtended by a spatheate bract bears 1 sessile bisexual, each reduced to a single glume. Fertile spikelet with the upper lemma extended into a long twisted awn of 3.5-9 cm. The awn remains attached to the grain; it twists and untwists hygroscopically helping to bury the grain. [3]

Plant Part Used

Whole plant [1]

Chemical Constituents

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Traditional Used:

In Indonesia it is used in the treatment of lumbago and rheumatism. [1] In Malaysia the decoction of the roots is considered a tonic, blood cleanser and helps in revitalization of man’s virility. [5]

Pre-Clinical Data


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Clinical Data

Clinical Trials

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Adverse Effects in Human:

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Used in Certain Conditions

Pregnancy / Breastfeeding

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Age Limitations

Neonates / Adolescents

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Chronic Disease Conditions

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Interactions with drugs

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Interactions with Other Herbs / Herbal Constituents

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Case Reports

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