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Absorption and Intake of Silicon. 2041
Acupuncture and Allergies in Children. 1917
Acupuncture effective for TMD 1984
Acupuncture helps smokers quit. 1913
Acupuncture in the treatment of migraines. 1978
Acupuncture may help in easing of radiation side effects. 1920
Acupuncture, expectations, and results. 1935
AD and the intake of Niacin. 1932
Advances in stroke prevention. 1931
Affect of lutein and zeaxanthin age-related maculopathy needs further study. 1878
Age related cognitive decline and vitamin E. 1840
Air pollution and Risk of Stroke. 1797
Alcohol and Folic Acid intake in Women. 1939
Alcohol consumption and risk of dementia. 1819
Allium and Prostate Cancer Risk. 1750
Alpha Linolenic Acid in Heart Disease and Prostate Cancer. 1964
Alpha Lipoic Acid in Diabetic Neuropathy. 1901
Alternative medicines used by diabetics. 1706
Alzheimer's disease declines in extreme old age. 1723
Animal study shows potential application for ALC and LA in memory loss. 1726
Antioxidant intake and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). 1709
Antioxidant intake and physical capabilities in the elderly. 1791
Antioxidants and Asthma in Children. 1890
Antioxidants and the risk of stroke. 1904
Antioxidants and their role in epilepsy 2477
Antioxidants in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. 1790
Antioxidants in the progression of cataracts. 1709
Are blood pressure and cholesterol related to Alzheimer's disease? 1683
Are people who use complementary therapies dissatisfied with conventional medical care? 1770
Artichoke leaf may reduce symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 1774
Aspirin found to have little effect on migraines. 1736
Asthma in young adults and nutrient intakes of specific foods 1751
Asthma severity not linked to dietary micronutrients 1783
B Vitamins and Cognitive Function in Aging Men. 1758
Behavioral Therapy in the treatment of Insomnia. 1915
Benefits of exercise decline over time in osteoarthritis sufferers. 1732
Beta Carotene and Cataracts in Smokers 1970
Blood pressure levels may be affected by HRT. 1713
BMD and tea consumption 1910
Bone loss and calcium intake affected by dietary protein. 1638
Boswellia may be beneficial in treating Crohn’s disease. 1881
Breakfast’s potential influence on weight. 1902
Breast Cancer and Fiber. 1869
Breastfed Children less likely to become obese. 1718
Breathing exercises lower blood pressure. 1856
Butterbar in the frequency of migraine headaches. 2110
Butterbur in the treatment of Hay Fever. 1668
Caffeine intake and the risk of Alzheimer's disease. 1753
Calcium may aid in pregnancy complications. 1731
Calcium may decrease risk of colon cancer. 1692
Calcium may not aid in weight loss. 1472
Calcium supplements and body fat in adolescent girls. 1277
Calcium, Vitamin D, and Bone Health. 1478
Calcium, Vitamin D, and Diabetes. 1438
CAM use among older adults. 1395
Can antioxidants decrease the effectiveness of certain cholesterol lowering medications? 1409
Can cranberry-lingonberry juice or a Lactobacillus GG drink prevent the recurrence of urinary tract infections? 1977
Can folate supplementation reduce the incidence of methotrexate toxicity? 2186
Cancer patients and complementary and alternative medicine. 1431
Cardiovascular Disease and Chocolate 1433
Cardiovascular disease risk reduction and diet. 1388
Carotenoids may increase risk of myocardial infarction. 1522
Celiac Disease may be associated with an increased risk of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. 1391
Chitosan lowers cholesterol in women. 1470
Chronic fatigue syndrome and history of abuse. 1410
Cigarette smoking found to be risk factor in acne. 1433
CLA shows adverse effects on Type 2 Diabetes Markers. 1484
Co Q10 shows little promise in Huntington's Disease. 1418
Coenzyme Q10 may prove useful in macular degeneration 1524
Coffee and Black Tea Increase Cardiovascular Disease Risk. 1451
Coffee consumption and Type 2 Diabetes. 1501
Coffee Intake and Liver Cirrhosis. 1504
Coffee intake and the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. 1424
Coffee may not be a significant risk for hypertension. 1402
Cognitive function, aging, and B vitamins. 1387
Copper levels and Alzheimer's disease. 1450
CoQ10 may be beneficial in migraines. 1405
CoQ10 may help lower blood pressure in Type 2 diabetes. 1491
Coronary heart disease and the potential benefits of dietary fiber. 1452
Could elimination of coffee consumption decrease certain risk factors for ischemic heart disease? 1393
CVD and intake of fruits and vegetables. 1483
Dairy intake and Parkinson’s disease. 1503
Daytime sleepiness linked to cognitive decline. 1470
Death Due to Chickenpox Increasing 1465
Depression and Type 2 Diabetes in Young Adults. 1430
Devil’s claw may be Beneficial for Osteoarthritis 1613
DHA and possible effects on the IQ of children. 1345
DHEA and depression in HIV positive patients. 1539
DHEA and fat in the elderly. 1385
DHEA found effective for improving quality of life in HIV 1413
DHEA Supplementation in Major and Minor Depression. 2193
Diabetes and Fruit and Vegetable Consumption 1998
Diarrhea in children and the effects of zinc. 1655
Diet and Exposure to sunlight in Breast Cancer risk. 1370
Diet and Gout in Men. 1737
Diet and ovarian cancer. 1593
Diet and risk of BPH. 1486
Dietary fat intake and macular degeneration. 1442
Dietary fiber reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. 1459
Dietary intake and risk of ovarian cancer. 1383
Dietary Patterns and Colorectal Cancer in Women. 1384
Dietary Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and CVD in Men. 1323
Dietary risk factors in type 2 diabetes. 1351
Do folic acid levels affect rate of miscarriage? 1384
Do ginseng product labels reflect accurate product purity and potency? 1386
Does better psychological functioning and social class explain the health benefits of wine? 1310
Does increased intake of calcium from dairy products increase the risk of prostate cancer? 1354
Does Iron Deficiency Affect Cognitive Skills? 1332
Economics of Obesity in Children and Adolescence 1360
Education level affects risk of Alzheimer's disease. 1370
Effects of green tea in smokers. 1375
Effects of selenium in influenza. 1316
Effects of Valerian and Kava on Stress. 1355
Endometriosis and Migraine Risk. 1455
Erectile Dysfunction found to be affected by smoking. 1361
Erectile Dysfunction often overlooked in Type 2 Diabetes. 1362
Exercise and blood lipids. 1450
Exercise and prevention of disability in daily living. 1379
Exercise associated with lower stroke mortality. 1394
Exercise may help fibromyalgia sufferers. 1343
Fats and children with seizure disorders 1359
Fatty Acid intake and prostate cancer risk. 1405
Fatty Acid Supplementation in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder. 1449
Fenofibrate therapy may be complemented by dietary supplements 1377
Feverfew in the prevention of migraines. 2073
Fiber and laryngeal cancer. 1401
Fiber intake and long term weight gain. 1426
Fish consumption and reported health status. 1459
Fish intake and cognitive function. 1342
Fish intake associated with lower CHD risk in women. 1371
Fish, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Alzheimer’s Disease. 1666
Folate and risk of childhood leukemia. 1384
Folate and risk of Stroke. 1394
Folic acid and stomach cancer in animals. 1364
Folic Acid and Vitamin B-6 in Heart Disease. 1384
Folic Acid Fortification and Stroke in the US & Canada. 1339
Folic acid intake possibly related to depressive symptoms. 1374
Folic acid reduces homocysteine levels in older adults. 1313
Folic Acid Supplementation for Blood Pressure in Women. 1330
Food consumption and risk of UTI’s. 1646
Frequency of eating and cholesterol. 1347
Frequent Weight Loss May Affect Immune Function. 1382
Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Cuts Heart Disease Risk. 1269
Further education needed regarding folic acid and birth defects. 1376
Garcinia in gastric ulcers. 2714
Genetic factors in endometriosis. 1346
Genetic Factors Play Small Role in Rheumatoid Arthritis. 1312
German study finds Echinacea beneficial in the common cold 1412
Ginger and postoperative nausea and vomiting. 1648
Ginger, Vitamin B6 and Nausea in Pregnancy. 1893
Ginkgo biloba not effective for tinnitus. 1789
Ginseng and Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Patients. 1340
GLA, EPA, and DHA mixture decreases LDL cholesterol. 1507
Glucosamine may impede the progression of osteoarthitis. 1441
Glutamine may be beneficial following surgery and injury 1320
Glutamine protects gut against chemotherapy toxicity. 1495
Glutamine’s role in severe burns 1560
Gout Risk and Alcohol Intake. 1634
Grape seed extract and its potential effects of weight management. 1436
Green Tea and Cognitive Function. 1549
Green tea extract and the effects on weight in men. 1380
Green tea protective in chronic gastritis and stomach cancer. 1419
Green Tea's possible effects on hyperlipidemia. 1726
Green Tea, Caffeine, and Risk of Diabetes. 2282
Habitual Tea Intake and the Risk of Hypertension. 1360
Heart Disease linked to bacterial and viral exposure. 1291
Herb may be of help in allergies. 1284
Herb/Drug interactions in emergency medical care evaluated 1372
Herbal Product Use Still in Review. 1309
Herbal treatment in Otitis Media. 1285
High intake of zinc may increase risk of prostate cancer 1349
Hip fractures among postmenopausal women and Vitamin A intake. 1304
Homocysteine, b vitamins, and the elderly. 1438
Honey returns as possible wound healing agent. 1321
How much does a woman's diet affect her risk of coronary heart disease (CHD)? 1270
Hyperlipidemia and vitamins C&E in children. 1620
Hypertension and Depression risk factors for heart disease in elderly. 1338
Hypertension and low-fat dairy intake. 1337
IBS and Menstruation. 1444
Ice beneficial in treating gouty arthritis. 1380
Increase in prevalence of Lyme disease. 1362
Intake of Dietary Nutrients and Asthma Risk. 1405
Intake of minerals and Parkinson’s disease. 1514
Intake of vitamins C and E and risk of Alzheimer's disease. 1333
Intense Exercise in Postmenopausal Women. 1344
Iron and folic acid supplement aids in reducing anemia. 1360
Irregular menstrual cycles linked to type 2 diabetes risk. 1377
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and hypnotism. 1375
Is Melatonin a Safe Sleep Aid for Children with DD? 1326
Kidney Cancer risk increased by obesity. 1396
L-Carnitine and chemotherapy-induced fatigue. 2026
L-carnitine found to be complementary therapy for hyperthyroidism 1758
Lactobacillus for diarrhea in children. 1383
Lead Exposure and Cataract Risk in Men. 1361
Leisure activity may lower incidence of Alzheimer's disease. 1227
Life-long exercise and risk of breast cancer risk. 1397
Lifetime risk of hypertension. 1309
Long Term effects of Glucosamine Sulphate on Osteoarthritis 1317
Low consumption of fish linked to preterm delivery. 1322
Low HDL levels associated with risk of dementia. 1325
Low levels of vitamin C associated with stroke risk. 1343
Low selenium levels linked to prostate cancer. 1339
Lycopene and CVD in Women. 1344
Lycopene Intake may be Associated with Reduced Pancreatic Cancer. 1302
Magnesium and Energy Expenditure in Postmenopausal Women. 1365
Magnesium and Heart Disease in Men. 1383
Magnesium in Coronary Heart Disease. 1406
Magnesium may have a role in treating premature ejaculation. 3588
Medication and supplement use in the US. 1287
Mediterranean Diet and Alzheimer’s Disease. 1870
Melatonin cycle occurs later in older adults. 1330
Melatonin cycles in Seasonal Affective Disorder. 1307
Melatonin levels may be associated with asthma symptoms. 1405
Melatonin Supplementation in Asthmatics. 1372
Melatonin supplementation in Tardive dyskinesia. 1315
Memory health benefited by dietary proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. 1349
Methionine and homocysteine levels. 1488
Migraine and the hypothalamus. 1367
Migraines Associated with Cardiovascular Risk Factors. 1250
Milk may reduce the risk for colon cancer. 1333
Moderate alcohol consumption reduces CHD risk in men with type 2 diabetes. 1335
Moderate levels of alcohol decrease heart failure risk in older individuals. 1344
Mortality rate associated with sleep duration and disorders. 1356
Multivitamins and Heart Attacks. 1383
Multivitamins in HIV and AIDS. 1378
Multivitamins in Type 2 Diabetes. 1449
Music therapy assists burn patients. 1808
Natural phytosterols in corn oil may help cholesterol levels. 1367
New antioxidant found in grapes. 1390
New class of antioxidants found in red beets. 1410
Novel grape seed extract found beneficial in pancreatitis case studies 1712
Nut Consumption and Blood Lipids. 1428
Obesity may increase risk for prostate cancer. 1344
Obesity takes years off life. 1359
Obesity trends in young adults. 1360
Offspring's Risk of Depression. 1386
Omega 3 fats may benefit those with depression. 1331
Omega Fatty Acids and Bone Health. 1404
Omega-3 and peptide supplementation may raise CD4 counts. 1408
Oolong Tea in the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis. 1454
Oral antioxidant therapy help marginal dry eye. 1327
Oral cancer and dietary nutrients. 1450
Osteoporosis and parathyroid hormone. 1351
Osteoporosis and Vitamin K. 1365
Ovarian Cancer and Folic Acid. 1315
Panax Ginseng and its effect on quality of life. 1346
Pathogen possibly linked to Crohn’s disease. 1552
Periodontal Disease and Coronary Heart Disease. 1340
Phyotestrogens in menopause. 1249
Physical activity does not necessarily mean worsening of symptoms in fibromyalgia. 1338
Phytoestrogens may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. 1410
Plant Sterols and Cholesterol 1430
Plant Sterols used in high cholesterol. 1428
Policosanol may be effective in treatment of intermittent claudication 1353
Polyphenols and pancreatic cancer. 1391
Polyunsaturated Fat intake and its relation to cancers in men. 1337
Possible Cognitive Effects from Omega 3 Fatty Acids. 1396
Postmenopausal women and dietary phytoestrogen intake considered low. 1369
Potential anti-diabetic properties of Panax Ginseng. 1413
Potential hypolipidemic effect of hawthorn. 1517
Potential interaction with dietary supplement genistein and breast cancer drugs. 1399
Potential role of fatty acids in ADHD treatment. 1402
Prevalence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 1359
Probiotics may aid in antibiotic side effects. 1302
Prostate cancer and allium vegetable intake. 1428
Prostate cancer and exposure to pesticides. 1456
Protection against kidney stones with a low animal protein diet. 1350
Protective Effects of Vitamin C in CHF 1369
Psychological Stress in Type 1 Diabetes. 1581
Quercetin levels in various berries. 1283
Raspberries may protect against esophageal cancer 1296
Raynaud's attacks reacts to environmental temperature. 1314
Red grape juice inhibits iron availability. 1526
Red Pepper may decrease fat intake. 1629
Relationship Between Two Fatty Acids and CAD. 1349
Researchers infer relationship between Alzheimers and vitamin K deficiency. 1439
Restless Leg Syndrome and status of folate and iron. 1354
Results of Folic Acid Fortification in Cereal Grains. 1318
Risk associated with diabetic mothers breast milk. 1315
Risk of gastric cancer unrelated to green tea consumption 1523
Risk of stroke greater in morning hours. 1336
Risk of Varicose Veins. 1590
Risks outweigh benefits in hormone replacement therapy. 1404
SAMe in the treatment of depression. 1439
Saw Palmetto and Benign prostatic hyperplasia. 1420
Saw Palmetto effective in easing symptoms of UTIs in men. 1560
Second hand smoke lowers plasma beta-carotene levels in nonsmoking women. 1372
Selenium in broccoli has cancer-protective effects. 1382
Serum antioxidant status and high blood pressure. 1386
Serum B12 levels and bone loss in Older Women. 1376
Serum vitamin B levels and Dementia. 1406
Sex and race differences in suicide related to major depression. 1327
Shiftwork/Rotating Schedules Found to Increase Breast Cancer Risk 1422
Sleep Disturbances and Risk of Diabetes 1406
Small study indicates that fibromyalgia pain and weather are not linked. 1363
Sodium intake and bone health. 1383
Soy and Breast Cancer in Japanese Women. 1412
Soy and its effects on cholesterol in men. 1375
Soy and Postmenopausal Women. 1596
Soy Intake and Cholesterol. 1258
Soy Isoflavones and Cholesterol Levels. 1251
Soy milk may reduce hypertension. 1476
St. John’s wort and black cohosh may alleviate menopausal symptoms. 1688
Stress and Acne. 1839
Stress and Type 2 Diabetes. 1282
Study shows Ginger effective in treating morning sickness. 1300
Sugar intake and type 2 diabetes in women. 1490
Surgery lowers fertility in women with Ulcerative Colitis. 1331
Sweet White Potato Extract in Type 2 Diabetes. 1433
Tai Chi Found to Benefit Older Adults 1356
Taurine, Vitamin C, and Smokers. 1686
The effects of calcium on blood lipids. 1450
The effects of high-protein diets on weight loss factors. 1374
The effects of probiotics. 1381
The effects of stress on stroke. 1381
The Efficacy of Chondroitin Sulfate in Osteoarthritis. 1332
The link between smoking and rheumatoid arthritis in men. 1461
The risk of low bone mineral density and osteoporosis. 1242
The role of acupuncture in the treatment of chronic neck pain. 1274
The role of arginine in chronic stable angina. 1358
The role of depression in ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. 1366
The role of vitamin K in bone health. 1351
The use of statin drugs may not cause cataracts. 1457
Tobacco Smoke and Vitamin C Levels in Children. 1384
Tomato Products, Lycopene, and Prostate Cancer. 1326
Treadmills help children with Down Syndrome. 1311
Use of aspirin prior to stroke investigated. 1204
Valerian and kava improve stress-induced insomnia. 1554
Variations in Dietary Iron Status May Alter Growth and Cognitive Development 1311
Vasectomy and Prostate Cancer Risk. 1479
Vegan diet may be helpful in rheumatoid arthritis. 1315
Vertebral fractures in Crohn's disease. 1389
Vitamin A and Bone Loss. 1375
Vitamin B12 and Folate deficiencies tied to Alzheimer's. 1304
Vitamin B12 and Folate in Hip Fracture After Stroke. 1434
Vitamin B<sub>6</sub> may benefit patients with tardive dyskinesia. 1326
Vitamin C and Arthritis. 1681
Vitamin C and Circulation in Smokers. 1384
Vitamin C and E and Cognitive Function in Women. 1312
Vitamin C and heart disease among smokers. 1341
Vitamin C and Inflammation in Cardiovascular Disease. 1298
Vitamin C and Magnesium may promote healthy lung function. 1667
Vitamin C and the risk of Preeclampsia. 1311
Vitamin C deficiency and surgery 1348
Vitamin C in Type 2 diabetes with hypertension. 1436
Vitamin D and breast cancer 1313
Vitamin D and Calcium in PMS. 1439
Vitamin D depletion associated with low bone density due to burns 1307
Vitamin D Insufficiency in Canadian Women. 1354
Vitamin D May Decrease Risk of Type 1 Diabetes. 1280
Vitamin D Status and CHF. 1500
Vitamin D status and risks of falls. 1391
Vitamin D, Calcium, and Colorectal cancer. 1292
Vitamin D3 supplementation and risk of fractures. 1375
Vitamin E and Atherosclerosis. 1401
Vitamin E and Insulin Levels in the Overweight. 1411
Vitamin E and Parkinson's Disease 1328
Vitamin E in menstruation. 2209
Vitamin E Levels in Major Depression. 1559
Vitamin E may protect against certain cancers. 1390
Vitamin E may prove useful in chronic hepatitis B. 1364
Vitamin E Supplementation and Respiratory Infections in the Elderly. 1338
Weight issues in overweight and nonoverweight adolescents. 1286
Whole grain oats and hypertension. 1697
Wine drinkers less likely to catch a cold. 1381
Wine Intake and Risk of Lung Cancer. 1363
Woman's risk of heart attack may be reduced by high fiber diet. 1281
Women with Endometriosis at Higher Risk for Other Diseases. 1301
Zinc and selenium status in subjects over 90 years of age. 1388
Zinc and the risk of pneumonia. 1388
Zinc may affect ADHD medication effectiveness in children. 1275
Zinc may decrease mortality rate in low weight infants. 1339