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A Clinical Guide to Chinese Herbs and Formulae Hits: 3974
A Guide to Traditional Herbal Medicines: A Sourcebook of Accepted Traditional Uses of Medicinal Plants within Europe Hits: 3916
A Handbook of Home Remedies in Homeopathy Hits: 4034
A needs assessment study of traditional birth attendants in rural Kenya Hits: 4100
Advance TCM Series: Chinese Herbs and Compability Hits: 3920
Advanced TCM Series: Concepts and Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hits: 3882
Advanced TCM Series: History and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hits: 3959
An herbal medicine orengedokuto prevents indomethacin-induced enteropathy. Hits: 3990
An observation of the percutaneous absorption of total alkaloids and terpenoid lactones of Tripterygium wilfordii Hits: 4098
Anthocephalus chinensis (Lam.) Rich. ex Walp. In: Part II: Species descriptions. In Tropical Tree Seed Manual Hits: 4288
Antioxidant and hepatoprotective actions of medicinal herb, Terminalia catappa L from Okinawa Island and its tannin corilagin Hits: 3143
Ayurveda Revisited Hits: 3337
Ayurveda Unravelled Hits: 3338
Beauty Beyond Skin Deep:Traditional Treaments for Women Hits: 3219
Bibliography of Sudanese Medicinal Plants. Hits: 3224
British Herbal Compedium volume 1 A Handbook of scientific information on widely used plant drugs Companion to Volume 1 of the British Herbal Pharmacopoei Hits: 3178
BRITISH HERBAL COMPENDIUM Volume 2: A handbook of scientific information on widely used plant drugs. Hits: 3196
British Herbal Pharmacopoeia Hits: 4584
Chemistry and pharmacology of fenugreek, in Herbs, Botanicals and Teas, Mazza, G., Oomah, B.D. eds Hits: 3477
Chinese Herbs Their Botany, Chemistry and Pharmacodynamics Hits: 3197
Clinical Acupuncture & Moxibustion Classical Chinese Medicine Hits: 3290
Code of Ethics & Business Conduct Hits: 3375
Curing diseases the Chinese Way ginger, garlic & green onion as medicine : a safe and cheap form of Traditional Chinese Food Therapy Hits: 3034
Directory for Medicinal Plants Conservation: Networks, Organizations, Projects, Information Sources Hits: 3081
Food phytochemicals for cancer prevention II : Teas, spices and herbs Hits: 3142
Guidelines for Clinical Research on Acupunture Hits: 3155
Healing herbs : the essential guide Hits: 3062
Healing Herbs of Malaya Hits: 3201
Herb Bible Hits: 3171
Herb contraindications and drug interactions Hits: 3074
Herb gardening for dummies Hits: 3091
Herbal and Traditional Medicine: Molecular Aspects of Health Hits: 3324
Herbal healing secrets of the orient Hits: 3070
Herbal Medicine Hits: 3101
Herbal medicine : expanded commission E monographs Hits: 3190
Herbal Medicine [Import] Hits: 3078
Herbal Medicine Nature's Gift for Health: Proceedings of the 21st Annual Seminar of the Malaysian Natural Products Society Hits: 3013
Herbal Medicine: A Practical Guide for Medical Practitioners Hits: 3006
Herbal medicines Hits: 3130
Herbal Medicines in Pregnancy and Lactation - An Evidence-Based Approach. Hits: 3412
Herbal products: toxicology and clinical pharmacology Hits: 3111
Herbs of Commerce Hits: 3321
Herbs, Minerals & Supplements:The Complete Guide Hits: 3045
Home herbal Hits: 3065
Homoeopathy FAQ & Information Hits: 3072
Homoepathy The Future Medicine 13th Asian Homeopathy Medical League - AHML 6th International Conference On Homeopathy Acupuncture & Complementary Medicine- ICHC Malaysia Hits: 3042
Indian herbal remedies : rational western therapy, ayurvedic and other traditional usage Hits: 3022
Kitab Tib: Ilmu Perubatan Melayu Hits: 3160
Legal Status of Traditional Medicine and Complementary/ Alternative Medicine : A Worldwide Review Hits: 3172
Malaysia Herbal Monograph Volume 1 Hits: 5125
Malaysian Medicinal Plants for the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases Hits: 2483
Manual therapy in the treatment of the humeroscapular periarthrosis syndrome Hits: 2579
Medicinal Natural Products. (A biosynthetic Approach) Hits: 2408
Medicinal Plants of Southeast Asia Hits: 2403
Medicinal Plants of the Sudan Part III Medicinal Plants of the White Nile Province Hits: 2480
Medicinal Plants of the Sudan Part IV Medicinal Plants of Nothern Kordofan Hits: 2528
Medicinal Plants of The World Hits: 2465
Medicinal Plants: Culture, Utilization and Phytopharmacology Hits: 2514
Miracle medicine herbs Hits: 2463
Natural Standard Herb & Supplement Reference - Evidence-Based Clinical Reviews Hits: 2788
Northeast Asia: Part II. International Collation of Traditional and Folk Medicine : "A project of UNESCO.” Hits: 2294
Penyembuhan Semula Jadi dengan Herba Hits: 2564
Pharmacological Investigations of Certain Medicinal Plants Compound Formulations used in Ayurveda Hits: 2492
Plant Resources of South-East Asia No 12(1) Hits: 4049
Plant Resources of South-East Asia No 12(2) Hits: 4289
Plant Resources of South-East Asia No 19 Hits: 2999
Plant Resources of South-East Asia No.12(3): Medicinal and poisonous plants 3 Hits: 4433
Plant Resources of South-East Asia No.2: Edible fruits and nuts Hits: 3964
Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors Hits: 2522
Selected Medicinal Plants in Vietnam Volume 1 Hits: 2489
Shengmai San Hits: 2452
Standard Acupunture Nomenclature Hits: 2514
The Complete German Commission E Monographs: Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines Hits: 2449
The Review of Natural Products Hits: 2431
Thyroid hormone levels in persons without gout, residents of Antananarivo, and in subjects consuming manioc Hits: 2572
Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practice Guideline on Malay Massage. Hits: 2563
Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practice Guideline on Malay Postnatal Care. Hits: 2489
Traditional Medicine and Materia Medica Volume 1 Hits: 2456
Tumbuhan Tempatan Malaysia: Kaitannya dengan Nama Tempat Hits: 2558
Tumbuhan Ubatan untuk Rawatan Penyakit Radang Hits: 2403
Vegetables, herbs and spices : Fifth supplement to McCance and Widdowson's the composition of foods Hits: 2450
WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 3 Hits: 2575