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In the year 2008, the Brunei Government launched its Vision 2035 which stated one of the goals is to ensure a high quality of life for the people of Brunei. Under the Ministry of Health Vision 2035: Together towards a Healthy Nation, in order to achieve the wellness and well-being of the participating community, an integrated healthcare approach is formulated. The Key elements are:

  • To drive at the national level;
  • Focus on obesity, cancer, heart diseases, diabetics, tobacco control, oral health, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and other preventable risk factors;
  • Promote and empower wellness including physical & mental health;
  • Advocate for conducive environmental health;
  • Education of healthy choices through effective communication-make it easier, accessible & affordable;
  • Promote healthy setting (villages, homes, workplace and public places);
  • Community participation, intersectoral partnership;
  • Healthy ageing.

Traditional/Complementary & Alternative Medicine (T/CAM) System shall be a very important component of the healthcare system in Brunei Darussalam. It will always co-exist with modern medicine and contributes towards enhancing and advancing the health and quality of life of the population in Brunei Darussalam to attain optimal health, quality of life, Wellness and Well-being of each responsible individual and participating community. Therefore, Ministry of Health Brunei Darussalam encourages all T/CAM, Beauty and Health Establishments/Premises to carry out Bona-Fide businesses/services through Public and Private joint collaborative and cooperative efforts in the promotion of Wellness and Well-being of each responsible individual of the participating communities at national level.

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Traditional/Complementary & Alternative Unit,
Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Health,
1st Floor Health Promotion Centre
Commonwealth Drive BB3910
Tel: +673-2384106
Fax: +673-2384107


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