Cambodia’s Medicines Policy

Cambodia Medicines Policy

  • General Information

The first National Medicines Policy for the Kingdom of Cambodia was prepared in 1995 and the second Medicine Policy was prepared and approved in 2010. The Pharmaceutical Sector Strategic Plan 2005-2010 provided comprehensive direction for strengthening the pharmaceutical sector and guidelines for Good Pharmacy Practice were endorsed by the Ministry of Health in 2006. A new Strategic Plan has been developed by the Ministry of Health for Period 2008-2015. It is important that the Medicines Policy (prepared in 2010) should always align with the National Health Strategic Plan.

Issue of equitable access to good quality, safety and efficacious medicines and their rational use remain the focus of the policy. The revised Medicines Policy is intended to ensure a reliable supply of quality medicine for all citizens of Cambodia and support the health Strategic Plan 2008-2015. The general purpose of national medicines policy is to ensure:

  • Access: equitable availability and affordability of essential medicines
  • Quality: the quality, safety and efficacy of all medicines
  • Rational use: the promotion of therapeutically sound and cost effective use of medicines by health professional and consumers.

The medicines regulatory authority in the Ministry of Health is the government agency responsible for pharmaceutical control in Cambodia and is the bodies entrusted to coordinate and supervise the implementation of Medicines Policy.

To help maintain and improve the health of all the people of the Kingdom of Cambodia, with a focus on remote area and the poor segment of the population, through access to and rational use of affordable, quality, safe and effective medicines.

The Mission of Medicine Policy is to ensure that quality, safe and effective medicines are always available and affordable to the people of the Kingdom of Cambodia throughout the nation’s health care system by:

  • Strengthening and implementing regulations and guidelines for pharmaceutical products including manufacture, sale, import, export and distribution.
  • Establishing and implementing standards for practice of training and education.

Key objectives
Key objectives of this Policy are to provide direction for:

  • The development and maintenance of appropriated medicine legislation and regulations to ensure the full implementation of Medicine Policy
  • The establishment and maintenance of improved quality control and registration procedures
  • Ensuring a significant allocation in health budget and development of relevant financing policy to maintain the budget for purchase of essential medicines and maintenance of whole essential medicines system
  • Development and maintenance of appropriate work force
  • The rational and evidence-based selection of essential medicines
  • The improvement of medicine procurement procedures
  • Strengthened medicine management procedures and practices
  • Strengthened medicine distribution and logistics
  • Strengthened promotion of the quality use of medicines across all sectors of the health services
  • The maintenance of information and continuing education program to improve medicine use.
  • Enhanced management capacity and practice at all levels.
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Department of Drug and Food,
Ministry of Health,
No. 151-153, 2nd Floor, Vithey Kampuchea Krom, Sangkat Mittapheap
Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia
Telephone/Fax: (855)-023-880247
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Department of Drug and Food, Ministry of Health Cambodia. Medicines Policy 2010.

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