First Conference on Traditional Medicine in ASEAN Countries

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The Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine (DTAM), Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, in cooperation with the ASEAN Secretariat, the Nippon Foundation, and the Thai Traditional Medical Knowledge Fund held Conference on Traditional Medicine in ASEAN Countries from 31 August – 2 September 2009 at Sofitel Centara Grand Bangkok, Thailand. The conference theme was Regional Cooperation on Traditional Medicine towards Its Utilization in the National Healthcare Systems and the Primary Health Care. The main purpose of the Conference was to formulate concrete plans of regional cooperation and project proposals in different areas of traditional medicine development, and to promote more collaboration and sharing of information, experience and expertise in the area of traditional medicine for the benefit of the people in ASEAN countries.

Over three-day period, there were more than two hundred participants, including delegates from ASEAN Countries (66); Invited Speakers (6); Honorable Guests from the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (2) and the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal (2); the Secretary-General of ASEAN and ASEAN Secretariat members (8); Chairman and staffs of the Nippon Foundation (11); the Distinguished Participants from WHO Regional Offices, i.e., WPRO and SEARO (2); Local Participants (87); DTAM staffs (38) and Observers (2).

The conference included the presentations from the invited speakers, 15-minute country report presentations, panel discussion, the discussion and finalization of çthe Bangkok Declaration on Traditional Medicine in ASEAN, and the working group session on the areas of cooperation and the preparation of concept papers, expected output, and action plan.

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Introduction on ASEAN Traditional Medicine
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