Biodiversity of Fauna


Article 3 is all about animals or widely known as fauna. It features an exciting and adventurous information and journey of animal diversity ranging from creepy crawly to mega-herbivore. In a nutshell, there are 5 major groups under Kingdom of animal namely (1) amphibian; (2) bird; (3) fish; (4) mammal; and (5) reptilian. Each of these groups is explained extensively. This informative article is specially presented with comprehensive and exclusive photos and illustration for a vivid comprehension about animal biodiversity. Information presented in this article is cornerstone of general knowledge about animals, understandings and conservation endeavours done to keep these Creator’s creations remain available for our future generation.

Outlined below are the sub-topics available under this article:

  1. Introduction to Fauna
  2. General Animal Classification
  3. Diversity of Animals in the World and Malaysia
  4. Interaction
  5. Values of Animals:
    1. Utilitarian
    2. Intrinsic
    3. Aesthetical
    4. Moral
    5. Optional
  1. Animals in Agriculture and Industries
  2. Animals in Culture and Rituals
  3. Animals in Healthcare
  4. Animals as Pets
  5. Conservation of Animal


Fauna, animals, heterotrophic, fish, amphibian, reptilian, mammal, bird, interaction, endemism, agriculture, industry, culture, ritual, pet, conservation