Biodiversity of Flora


Article 2 under Biodiversity section will reveal general information on plant. Plant or well known as flora is one of the component under the 5 Kingdom system. This article provide a very accessible and useful summary of important features when one talk about plants. Brilliant and colourful figures, photos and illustrations are presented accordingly to the statement in the text to assist and provide readers with clearer thoughts about plants. Some of the high-profile plants in Malaysia such as orchids, rafflesia and pitcher plants are being described as well in this article.

To help readers envisage what are the contents of this article, the followings are subtopics which are highlighted throughout the article:

  1. General Introduction
  2. What are Plants
  3. Plant Groups in Malaysia
  4. Plant Diversity in Malaysia and in the World
  5. Plant Interaction
  6. Interesting  Plants of Unique Ecosystem in Malaysia
  7. Values of Plants
  8. Uses of Plants
  9. Plants and Major Industries in Malaysia
  10. Plant’s Contribution to Carbon Balance and It’s role in Global Climate Change
  11. Plants in Culture
  12. Flowers and Their Meanings
  13. Plant Breeding, Genetic Engineering and Wild Relatives
  14. Plants and Conservation in Malaysia
  15. Photos of common vegetables, spices and herbs and fruits

Photos of vegetables

Photos of spices and herbs

Photos of spices and herbs


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