General Introduction of Biodiversity


The first article under Biodiversity section aims as jump-start/eye-opener to the general introduction of BIODIVERSITY. Biodiversity term being considered fairly new word to layman but it is becoming more and more commonly used and so thus the importance of it in our life. Biodiversity simply signifies all kinds of life found on earth ranging from the tinniest single cell organisms to the largest organisms like whale. In particular, there are three levels of diversity: (1) genetic; (2) species; and (3) ecosystem. Each of these diversity levels will be enlightened explicitly in the article.

In brief, the article will cover some of the important aspects concerning biodiversity which will be presented with the following subtopics:

  1. What is biodiversity
  2. Distribution of biodiversity
  3. The global biodiversity
  4. Endemism
  5. The importance of biodiversity
  6. Biodiversity of Malaysia
  7. Canopy diversity
  8. Invasive species
  9. Threats to biodiversity in Malaysia
  10. Overcoming threats to biodiversity in Malaysia
  11. Enhancing the values of biodiversity in Malaysia


Biodiversity, ecosystem, endemism, invasive species, threat, policy, threat, distribution, education, traditional knowledge, culture, ethics, conservation.