World conference on Traditional & Alternative Medicine 2024 [November 2024, Bangkok, Thailand]

World Conference on Traditional and Alternative Medicine (WCTAM-2024) is an annual International Conference organized by Eurasia Conferences. WCTAM-Bangkok-2024 invites practitioners, researchers, and enthusiasts from around the world to explore the rich tapestry of traditional and alternative healing modalities.

The conference agenda promises an inspiring blend of keynote presentations, expert panel discussions, and interactive workshops, providing a comprehensive exploration of traditional and alternative medicine. Participants can engage with esteemed professionals, share insights, and contribute to the collective understanding of holistic healthcare practices. Whether you are an experienced practitioner, a researcher, or someone curious about the diverse world of healing traditions, this conference offers a unique platform to connect, learn, and contribute to the evolution of healthcare.

Date: 25-26 November 2024
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
First Round Abstract Submission:​ 31st May 2024
Early bird Registration: On/Before 5th June 2024


  • Herbal Remedies in Modern Healthcare
  • Acupuncture and Its Role in Stress Reduction
  • Mind-Body Techniques for Mental Health
  • Ayurveda for Preventive Medicine
  • Holistic Approaches to Women’s Health


  • Traditional Medicine in Global Healthcare Systems
  • Cultural Perspectives on Alternative Healing Practices
  • Exploring the Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine



November 25, 2024 to 

November 26, 2024


Bangkok, Thailand


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