Policy And Regulation

CountryPolicy TypeTitle
MalaysiaRegulationMalaysia: Sabah Biodiversity Enactment 2000 (SBE2000)
MalaysiaRegulationMalaysia: Sabah Parks Enactment 1984
MalaysiaRegulationMalaysia: Sabah Wildlife Conservation Enactment (1997)
MalaysiaRegulationMalaysia: Sarawak Forest Ordinance (1958)
MalaysiaRegulationMalaysia: Sarawak Natural Parks and Nature Reserves Ordinance (1998)
MalaysiaRegulationMalaysia: Sarawak Wildlife Protection Ordinance (1998)
MalaysiaRegulationMalaysia: The Medicines (Advertisement and Sale) Act 1956 (Revised 1983) and its regulations
MalaysiaRegulationMalaysia: The Poisons Act 1952 (Revised 1989) And Its Regulations
MalaysiaRegulationMalaysia: Traditional and Complementary Medicine Act 2013 (Act 756)
MalaysiaRegulationMalaysian Guideline For The Conduct Of Bioavailability And Bioequivalence Studies
MalaysiaRegulationMalaysian Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practice for Traditional Medicines and Health Supplements 1st Edition (2008)
MalaysiaRegulationMalaysian Guidelines on importation of goods/materials relating to Traditional & Complementary Medicine (T&CM)
PhilippinesPolicyPhilippines: Policy on Protected Areas and Wildlife
PhilippinesPolicyPhilippines: Policy on Traditional Knowledge
PhilippinesRegulationPhilippines Administrative Order 172s 2004: Guidelines on the Registration of Herbal Medicines
PhilippinesRegulationPhilippines Administrative Order No. 184 s. 2004: Guidelines on the registration of Traditionally-used Herbal Products
PhilippinesRegulationPhilippines Administrative Order No. 43-A s. 1999 and Administrative Order 153s. 2004: Revised Guidelines on Current GMP in manufacturing, packing, repacking or holding food
PhilippinesRegulationPhilippines: Guidelines Implementing R.A. 8423 IRR on the National Certification of Acupuncturists and Accreditation of Acupuncture Training Programs, Centers and Clinics
PhilippinesRegulationPhilippines: Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act (TAMA) - Republic Act No. 8423
SingaporePolicySingapore Traditional and Complementary Medicine Policy
SingaporeRegulationSingapore Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act
SingaporeRegulationSingapore Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Act 2000
ThailandPolicyThailand National Health Act B.E. 2550 (2007)
ThailandPolicyThailand National Strategic Plan on the Development of ‘Tai’ Wisdom* and ‘Tai’ Healthy Lifestyle #
ThailandPolicyThailand Statute on National Health System B.E. 2552(2009)