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Aloe vera gel hindered wound healing of experimental second-degree burns: a quantitative controlled study.


Kaufman T, Kalderon N , Ullmann Y, Berger J




J Burn Care Rehabil


In the present study, Aloe vera gel (AVG) was applied to experimental second-degree burns in guinea pigs, and its effects on epithelialization, wound contraction, newly formed granulation tissue, and regeneration of hair follicles was compared with that effected by 1% silver sulfadiazine cream (AgSD). Epithelialization (%mean +/- SEM) on postburn day 8, 16, and 24 of the AVG-treated wounds was 38.72% +/- 2.71%, 60.34% +/- 3.28%, and 92.46% +/- 2.26%, respectively, while that of the AgSD-treated burns was 53.35% +/- 2.65%, 94.84% +/- 2.65%, and 100%, respectively (P less than .001). Contraction of the AVG-wounds was significantly higher than that of the AgSD-treated burns during 24 days of the study (P less than .001). The thickness of the newly formed granulation tissue was higher in the AVG-treated wounds (P less than .001), while the hair follicles count was significantly lower (P less than .001) compared with the AgSD-treated burns. It is concluded that this preparation of Aloe vera gel hindered the healing process of the present burn wound model when compared with 1% silver sulfadiazine cream.

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