Goniothalamus macrophyllus (Blume) Hook.f. & Thomson


Goniothalamus macrophyllus (Blume) Hook.f. & Thomson




Unona macrophylla Blume, Polyalthia macrophylla (Blume) Blume, G.       macrophyllus (Blume) Miq.

Vernacular Names

Akar beranak gajah, penawar hitam, lada hutan.
Indonesia Ki cantung (Sundanese).
Thailand Kaa-yoh braa-noh, king dok dieo, khruu dam (Peninsular).
Brunei Limpanas putih, linpanas puteh, talipanas puteh (Sengkurong).

Geographical Distributions

Goniothalamus macrophylllus is distributed in Thailand, peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java and Borneo.


G. macrophylllus is a shrub or tree that grows up to measure 8 m tall.

The leaves are oblong-lance-shaped to oblong-oblanceolate, measuring about 22-30(-50) cm x 6-11 cm and sub-acute to rounded base. The apex is acute, coriaceous and hairless. The petiole is measure 1-3 cm long.

The flowers are solitary and axillary. The pedicel is measure about 1-1.2 cm long with 2-3 bracts at the base. The sepals are oblong-ovate to oblong-lance-shaped, with a size measure about 1.5 cm long and purplish in colour. The outer petals are oblong-lance-shaped, measuring  3.3 cm long, almost smooth and greenish while the inner petals are rhomboid, with a size measure 1.8 cm long and greenish in colour. The measuring 6 mm long stamens are numerous, with 12-18 elongate carpels, smooth and with 1 ovule.

The monocarp is spherical to ovoid in shape, slightly apiculate, with a size of measuring  1-2 cm x 1 cm, smooth, sessile, red and with 1-seeded.

Ecology / Cultivation

G. macrophyllus is found in humid forest from 50-1500 m altitude.

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