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Fagraea crenulata Maingay ex C.B. Clarke

Fagraea crenulata Maingay ex C.B. Clarke





Vernacular Names

Malaysia Malabera (Peninsular).
English Cabbage tree.
Indonesia Malabira, bebira (Sumatra), kayu bulan (Kalimantan).
Thailand Niam ruesee, lumpang (Peninsular).

Geographical Distributions

The distribution of Fragrea crenulata is in Southern Vietnam, peninsular Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and southern and south-western Borneo.


F. crenulata is medium-sized trees that can reach up to measure 25 m tall while its bole up to meaure 70 cm in diamere. Its crown is flat-topped and with spreading branches reminiscent of Terminalia spp. The bark surface is deeply and coarsely ridged and fissured and pale grey to yellowish-grey in colour. The inner bark is pale while the young trunk and twigs are with simple or split prickles.

The leaves are large, broadly obovate in shape, with a size of measuring 17-45 cm x 12.5-25 cm and broadly rounded to slightly truncate apex. The secondary veins are prominent below and with absent or very short petiole. The stipules are adnate to the petiole or midrib, narrow and acute.

The inflorescence is terminal while the pedicel is with about halfway bracteoles. The petal tube is funnel-shaped, with a size measure 1.7-2 cm long, peltate stigma and faintly 2-lobed.

The measure 2-3 cm long fruit is an ellipsoid.

Ecology / Cultivation

F. crenulata is found in permanent or periodic swamps behind the mangrove belt or along tidal rivers.

Line Drawing / Photograph



  1. Plant Resources of South-East Asia No. 5 (2): Timber trees: Minor commercial timbers.


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