Trichosanthes quinquangulata A. Gray

Trichosanthes quinquangulata A. Gray





Vernacular Names

Indonesia kalayar (Sundanese).
Philippines kalanum-uak (Bisaya), katimbau (Iloko), patolang-gubat (Tagalog).

Geographical Distributions

Trichosanthes quinquangulata is distributed from Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo and the Philippines.


T. quinquangulata is a large monoecious and perennial vine can grow up to  measure 6 m long. The stem is an angular and smooth.

The leaves are roundish in outline, shallowly or sometimes deeply 5-7-lobed and up to measure 20 cm in diametre. The base is cordate, acute lobes and hairless or glabrescent. The petal is a measure about 7-9 cm in diameter. The male inflorescence is a measure about 15-20 cm long, elliptical to obovate-lanceolate in shape of  bracts that are with a size of measure about 15-20 mm long and subentire. The female flowers are solitary.

The red fruit is spherical in shape and it is measure about  5-10 cm in diametre.

The seeds are elliptical in shape with obtusely acuminate apex and compressed.

Ecology / Cultivation

T. quinquangulata occurs in thickets, old clearings and rocky places up to 1500 m altitude.

Line Drawing / Photograph



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