Thottea dependens (Planch.) Klotzsch

Thottea dependens (Planch.) Klotzsch




Lobbia dependens Planch.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia daun telinga beruang, tlinga berwang (Peninsular).

Geographical Distributions

Thottea dependens is occurs around peninsular Malaysia.


T.dependens is an erect shrub, up to measure 2 m tall and smooth.

The leaves are elliptical or obovate in shape, with a size of measure 12-29 cm x 5-15 cm, acuminate apex, hairless above, hairy beneath and with 2 pair basal veins. The inner ones is similar to lateral veins which are in 6-9 pairs and prominent below.

The inflorescence is axillary or cauliflorous, simple or sparsely branched and up to  measure 4(-7) cm long. The perianth is bell-shaped, 1/3 contracted at the lower, then erecto-patent, with a size of measure 15-25 mm long, pale yellow in colour with centre and streaked margin with brown, reddish pink, purple or dark purple outside and pinkish inside. The tube is urn-shaped, with a size of measure  10 mm long, with triangular lobes, with a size of measure  6-10(-15) mm x 10-15(-25) mm and each with prominent veins. The stamens are in 2 whorls where the lower whorl has 13-16 stamens while the upper whorl is with 7-10 stamens. The style column is measure  4 mm long, with (4-)6-9 lobes and spreads.

The measuring of 5-10 cm long capsule is slender.

Ecology / Cultivation

T. dependens occurs in forest, up to 500 m altitude, normally rather rare, but sometimes locally abundant.

Line Drawing / Photograph



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