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Scindapsus hederaceus Schott

Scindapsus hederaceus Schott





Vernacular Names

Malaysia Akar lebang aleh, akar ular (Peninsular).
Thailand Khokiu (Nakhon Si Thammarat).
Vietnam d[aa]y b[as].

Geographical Distributions

Scindapsus hederaceus hederaceus occurs in Indo-China, southern Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, Java and Borneo; perhaps also in the Philippines.



S. hederaceus is a large climbing herb up to measure about 20 m long. The stem is slender, up to measure about 1 cm thick and with clasping roots.

The leaves are arranged alternate, simple and entire, elliptical-lance-shaped, more or less oblique, with a size of measure about10-16(-21) cm x 3-6(-8.5) cm, obtuse to rounded at the base, acuminate apex, pinnately veined and with marginal vein. The petiole up to measure 9 cm long, winged to near apex, with broad sheath at the base and geniculate at the apex. Stipules are absent.

The inflorescence is a solitary, with a size of measure about  (2.5-)4-7 cm long of cylindrical spadix and enclosed by a fusiform to boat-shaped yellowish-green in colour of  spathe which is measuring 4.5-8 cm long. The flowers are bisexual and without perianth. Stamens are 4. The ovary is superior, 1-celled, 4-6-angular and with a well-developed stylar region.

The fruit is a red in colour of berry, caducous stylar region when mature and with 1-seeded.

The seed is subreniform, compressed and thick testa while the endosperm is present.


Ecology / Cultivation

S. hederaceus occurs in lowland and lower montane forests up to 1500 m altitude. It climbs on tree trunks, sometimes also on rocks, and is also found in secondary forest and thickets, and even on wayside trees.


Line Drawing / Photograph



    1. Plant Resources of South-East Asia No. 12 (3): Medicinal and poisonous plants 3.

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