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Mesua lepidota T.Anderson

Mesua lepidota T.Anderson




Kayea lepidota (T.Anderson) Pierre, K. parviflora Ridl.


Vernacular Names

Malaysia Penaga bayan, penaga tikus (Peninsular).

Geographical Distributions

Mesua lepidota is distributed throughout Malaysia (Peninsular), Indonesia (Sumatra).



M. lepidota is a tree which is up to measure 20 m tall with trunk diametre of measuring 40 cm. The bole is fluted at the base and with adherent scaly bark. The inner bark is pink-brown in colour with translucent to clear, yellow and varnish-like exudate.

The leaves are arranged opposite, simple and entire. The petiole is a measure about 5 mm long. The blade is oblong-elliptical in shape, with a size of measuring about 8-15 cm x 3-5 cm, wedge-shaped base, slightly recurved margin and acuminate apex.

The inflorescence is a terminal or axillary umbel that consisting of 1-3-flowered racemes and up to measure about 6 cm long. The flowers are bisexual and on a pedicel with small paired bracts. There are 4 decussate sepals which are rounded and measure 5 mm in diamere. Petals are 4 in number, very narrowed at base with a roundish apical part which is measuring about 8 mm in diametre and white or pink in colour.

The fruit is a spherical capsule, with a size of measuring about 2.5 cm in diametre, thick and woody. It is seated on the persistent, usually reflexed and thick-woody sepals.


Ecology / Cultivation

M. lepidota grows in lowlands and plains, sometimes in seasonal swamp forest.


Line Drawing / Photograph



    1. Plant Resources of South-East Asia No. 18: Plants producing exudates.

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