Durio malaccensis Planch. ex Masters

Durio malaccensis Planch. ex Masters





Vernacular Names

Malaysia Durian batang (Peninsular).
Indonesia Durian bangko, durian bangkolo (Sumatra).

Geographical Distributions

Durio malaccensis is distributed in peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra.



D. malaccensis is a small to medium-sized tree that can reach up to measure 25 m tall, with its bole up to measure 40 cm in diametre, buttressed or slightly fluted. The bark surface is rough and pinkish-brown in colour.

The leaves are oblong to lance-shaped, measuring about 10-26 cm x 3-8 cm and densely minutely appressed silvery-brown scaly below.

The flowers are in very short cymes on trunk and branches. The petals are up to measure 65 mm long and they are white or creamy white in colour. The stamens are in 5 bundles that unite into a tube at the base and opened by a slit.

The fruit is spherical in shape, with a size up to measure 13 cm in diametre where the outside is red with broadly conical spines.


Ecology / Cultivation

D. malaccensis occurs in rain forest up to 800 m altitude.


Line Drawing / Photograph




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