Durio macrophyllus (King) Ridley

Durio macrophyllus (King) Ridley




Durio testudinarum Becc. var. macrophyllus King.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Durian daun besar (Peninsular).

Geographical Distributions

Durio macrophyllus is distributed throughout Peninsular Malaysia.



D. macrophyllus is a small to medium-sized tree and up to measure 30 m tall that having small buttresses, smooth bark surface, slightly lenticellate and pale greyish fawn coloured.

The leaves are oblong in shape, measuring (18-)20-42.5 cm x (4-)5.5-15 cm and golden-brown in colour scaly below.

The flowers are in short cymes on the branches and sometimes on the trunk. The petals are up to measure 60 mm long and white but sometimes pink. The stamens are in 5 bundles that join in a tube and opened by a slit.

The fruit is spherical in shape, up to measure 10 cm in diametre where the outside is bluish-green in shape with sharp pyramidal spines.


Ecology / Cultivation

D. macrophyllus occurs in lowland rain forest up to 150 m altitude.


Line Drawing / Photograph




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