Derris trifoliata Loureiro

Derris trifoliata Loureiro




Derris uliginosa (Willd.) Benth., D. heterophylla (Willd.) Backer ex K. Heyne

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Tuba bekut (Peninsular).
Indonesia Areuy ki tonggeret, tuwa areuy (Sundanese),gadel  (Javanese).
Papua New Guinea Gamo (Zimanki, Western Province).
Philippines Silasila, asiasimanan (Tagalog), butong (Bisaya).
Thailand Khwaep thale, phak thaep (central), thopthaep thale (Phetchaburi).
Vietnam long k[es]n, c[os]c

Geographical Distributions

Derris trifoliata is distributed throughouteastern Africa, Madagascar, Mascarene Islands, South and Southeast Asia including the whole of Malesia, the Pacific and Australia.


D.trioliata is a liana which is up to at least measure about 15 m long. It is sometimes an erect shrub where the branches are soon become smooth and dark red in colour.

The leaflets are 3-5(-7) and variably hairless.

The inflorescence is terminal and axillary. The flowers are with hairless, green sepal and white in colour while the petal are pale pink or pale mauve in colour. The standard is without basal callosities and smooth.

The fruit is oblong or elliptical to broadly oval in shape and with a narrow wing along one side.


Ecology / Cultivation

D. trifoliata grows near the coast in swampy scrub vegetation and forest behind beaches, on muddy foreshores and estuaries, and in edges of mangroves, sometimes in pure stands.


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