Derris malaccensis (Benth.) Prain

Derris malaccensis (Benth.) Prain




Deguelia malaccensis (Benth.) Blake

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Tuba merah (Peninsular).
Vietnam c[os]c k[ef]n.

Geographical Distributions

Derris malaccensis is distributed throughout Malesia as well cultivated outside Malesia in India, southern China and tropical America.



D. malaccensis is a liana up to at least measure about 15 m long. The root is greyish-brown in colour  while the young shoots are adpressed pubescent. The leaflets are 5-9, hairless above and adpressed pubescent beneath.

The inflorescence is an axillary. The flowers are with hairless pink sepal and whitish or pinkish in colour of petal. The standard is with callosities basal and smooth.

The fruit is oblong in shape, with a narrow wing along both sides and rarely without wings.


Ecology / Cultivation

D. malaccensis often occurs in riverine rain forest, up to 250 m altitude.


Line Drawing / Photograph




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