Curcuma aurantiaca v. Zijp

Curcuma aurantiaca v. Zijp





Vernacular Names

Indonesia Koneng kalamasu (Sundanese), temu blobo, temu purot (Javanese).

Geographical Distributions

Curcuma aurantiaca is distributed in peninsular Malaysia and also occurs in Java as well as possibly also in India.



C. aurantiaca is a herb, with rhizome part which is not elongated and cream-coloured inside.

The leaf sheaths are up to measure about 12 cm long, elliptical in shape blades, with a size is measuring about 19-50 cm x 8-21 cm and dark green in colour.

The inflorescence is terminal part on a leafy shoot. The bracts are yellow-green in colour  while the coma bracts are red to pink or purple in colour. The petal is measure with a size about 4.5 cm long. The petal colour  is orange to orange-yellow. The labellum is measure about 2 cm x 1.5 cm, orange with a darker centre. The other staminodes are straight and orange in colour while the anther is not spurred.


Ecology / Cultivation

C. aurantiaca is fairly common in Java, where it is normally found in teak forest.


Line Drawing / Photograph



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