Octomeles sumatrana Miq

Last updated: 04 August 2016

Scientific Name

Octomeles sumatrana Miq. (unresolved name) [1]


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Vernacular Name

Indonesia Benuang, winuang, binuang bini [2]
Philippines Bilus (Tagalog); barong (Northern Luzon); barousan (Southern Luzon) [2]
Papua New Guinea Erima, irima, ilimo [2]

Geographical Distributions

Octomeles sumatrana is a monotypic genus that occurs in Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, the Moluccas, the Philippines, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. [2]

Botanical Description

O. sumatrana is a member of the Datiscaceae family. It is a large to very large dioecious evergreen trees, which can reach up to measure about 60(-75) m tall. The bole is cylindrical, straight, branchless for up to measure about 30(-40) m, with a size up to measure about 250(-400) cm in diametre while the prominent buttresses are up to measuring 6 m high. The bark surface is fissured or irregularly cracked and often pustular, grey to grey-brown in colour. The inner bark is fibrous, yellowish but rapidly turns brown on exposure and without exudates. The crown is open, pagoda-like with whorled branches when young and semi-globular when mature. The twigs are sharply 3-angled. [2]

The leaves are arranged spirally, simple and entire, thin, roundish cordate, with a size of measure about 12-30 cm x 6-23 cm, acuminate, with 5-7(-9) palmate veins, minutely scaly and below with large domatial glands in the axils of the main veins. The petiole is measuring 6-30 cm long. The stipules are absent. [2]

The flowers are unisexual, actinomorphic, sessile, with 5-8-merous, green and in solitary axillary spikes. The male inflorescence is a measure about 20-60 cm long. The measuring of 4-5 mm x 5 mm flowers is bell-shaped. The petals are with an incurved appendage and with kidney-shaped anthers. The female inflorescence is a measure about 8-12 cm long, with a size of measure about 5 mm long flowers. The sepal is bell-shaped while petals are absent. The ovary is inferior, 1-celled, with 3-8 parietal placentae and many ovules. The styles are 5-8, which are inserted on the throat of the sepal tube while the stigma is capitate. The infructescence is measure about 15-40 cm long and it is on a measuring 10-20 cm long peduncle. [2]

The fruit size measure about 12 mm long, barrel-shaped capsule and splits from the top downwards. The spindle-shaped seeds are many and they are measure about 1 mm x 0.2 mm. [2]


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Chemical Constituent

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Traditional Use

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Preclinical Data

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Clinical Data

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Poisonous Management

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Line drawing



Figure 1: The line drawing of O. sumatrana [2]


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