Malaysia National Traditional and Complementary Medicine Policy

  • General Information

In the year 2001, the Malaysian Government established the National Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Policy. The implementing agency in Malaysia is the T&CM Division, under the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The Policy stated that the T&CM system is an important component of the healthcare system.  It co-exists with modern medicine and contributes towards enhancing the health and quality of life of all Malaysians. The government will facilitate the development of T&CM in the country and ensures the quality, safe practices and products of T&CM.  It will support the identification of its health, economic and social benefits. Its vision is for T&CM to be optimally integrated into the Malaysian healthcare system to achieve a holistic approach towards enhancing health and the quality of life. Its main mission is to ensure quality and safe use of T&CM products and practices in order to attain the optimum potential in healthcare delivery through:

  • Promotion of the proper practice of T&CM particularly in the Primary Health Care delivery system
  • Appropriate education and training of T&CM practitioners
  • Adherence to acceptable standards of safety and quality for products and practices
  • Establishment of strong research and development activities in T&CM
  • Promotion and advocacy of T&CM
  • Conservation of plants and animals for progress of T&CM development
  • Enhancing international technical co-operation and exchanges relevant to T&CM
  • Contact Details 

Traditional & Complementary Division
Ministry of Health Malaysia, Cenderasari Road
50590 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2698 5077/2279 8100
Fax: +603 2691 1259


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