Malaysia: Sabah Biodiversity Enactment 2000 (SBE2000)

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On the 29th December 2000, Sabah Biodiversity Enactment 2000 (SBE2000) was enacted by the Sabah State Legislature. The Enactment which only applies in the state of Sabah provides a legal framework for safeguarding the biodiversity and biological resources of the State. For the purpose of implementing the Enactment, SBE200 requires the establishment of the Sabah Biodiversity Council (SBC) and Sabah Biodiversity Centre (SABC) as institutional framework to ensure efficient management and coordination in biodiversity conservation for the state. The function of the SBC is to advice the State Government pertaining to the conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity of the State in accordance to the provisions of SBE2000. The SABC serves as Secretariat to the Council and implements directives given by SBC, its mission being, is to ensure that Sabah biodiversity is efficiently managed. The Enactment also provides for the establishment of a Biodiversity Centre Fund. The fund is to help the Council and the Centre in meeting the administrative and management expenses necessarily incurred for the purpose of carrying out the objective of the Enactment (1) In general the Enactment provides a framework that guides Sabah in managing its biodiversity. The SBE2000 covers five main areas which are as follows:-

  1. explanation of terms used in this Enactment,
  2. the guidelines for the establishment of Sabah Biodiversity Council including its purpose and functions,
  3. the establishment of the Sabah Biodiversity Centre
  4. the establishment and purpose of Biodiversity Centre Fund and
  5. the guideline for accessing biological resources, legal proceedings, offences and penalties for violating the access procedures and for the unauthorised removal of any biological resources out of the State.

The establishment of Sabah Biodiversity Centre and Sabah Biodiversity Council is important for the purpose of managing and sustaining utilisation of biodiversity of the State including determining policies and guidelines for scientific research related to the access and use of biological resources for specific purpose such as medicinal and pharmaceutical, identifying research according to priorities to enhance sustainable ethnobotany, taxonomy and traditional uses, promoting new natural and biotechnological products derived from the biological resources of the State, establishing linkages with other institution or bodies to further enhance preservation and research of biodiversity and traditional knowledge of indigenous people of the State and etc (2).

Under the SBE2000, offences include unauthorised taking of any exhibits, data, and resources without licence from the Biodiversity Centre and removes any of biological resources without the prior written authorisation by the Council. Those offences shall be fined not maximum fifty thousand ringgit or imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, or both (2).

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Sabah, Malaysia
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