Malaysia: Sarawak Wildlife Protection Ordinance (1998)

  • General Information

In the year 1998, the Wildlife Protection Ordinance [Cap 26 (1998 Ed.)] has been implemented by the Sarawak Forestry which encompasses the Sarawak Forest Department and Sarawak Forestry Corporation. The Ordinance applies only in the state of Sarawak. The Ordinance aims to provide better provisions for the protection of wild life, the establishment and management of Wildlife Sanctuaries and all matters related (1). This Ordinance states the banning all commercial sales of wildlife and any products derived from wildlife. It provides the protection for both plants and animals as well as the protection of the habitat of plants and animals within the Wild life Sanctuaries which are part of the Totally Protected Areas network (TPAs) in the State. The areas which included in the Ordinance are only open for the purpose of conservation and research of wild life. Under this Ordinance, the “Wildlife” term refers to wild plants and animals and they are categorised as “Totally Protected” or “Protected”. Totally Protected species refers to endangered species due to hunting, habitat destruction and are extremely rare. No licence is to be issued for the possession of any wild life under “Totally Protected Wildlife”, except for certain condition which custodian licence is to be issued to keep the wildlife under strict condition. Under “Protected List Wildlife”, licenses to hunt or ownership can be retrieved upon payment with respective amount of fees. As for wildlife which is not listed under “Protected List”, a licence is required for the import or export from the State (2).

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  2. Sarawak Government Printer (1998). Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1998.