Thailand Plant Varieties Protection Act, B.E. 2542 (1999)

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This Act classifies plant varieties into four types: wild plant variety, general domestic plant variety, local domestic plant variety, and new plant variety.  The access to and use of each type of plant variety have to be carried out in accordance with the criteria, procedures and conditions prescribed by law.

Regarding the conditions for accessing and using general domestic and wild plant varieties, the law provides that the collection, procurement, or gathering of a plant variety or any part of plant for the purposes of breeding, experimental research or commercial research have to seek permission from the competent official; and an agreement has to be made on benefit sharing, from which the proceeds will be remitted to the Plant Varieties Protection Fund (Section 52). In the case of non-commercial undertakings, the procedures will have to be as per the regulations prescribed by the Plant Variety Protection Commission (Section 53).

In this connection, the plant variety protection law has provisions for the protection of community’s agricultural local wisdom, especially “local domestic plant varieties”, 7 farmers’ rights protection, traditional practices [such as the exchange of seeds among farmers/communities, storing of seeds for the next crop season (Section 33)] , and local wisdom development/promotion by establishing a plant variety protection fund to finance or subsidize community’s activities related to plant variety conservation, research, and development (Section 55).[1,2]

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