Chemical Constituents of Pseuduvaria Rugosa


Rosmahaida Jamaludin




Pseuduvaria rugosa, Annonaceae, chemical constituents , alkaloids


Investigation on the chemical constituents of the stem bark of the Pseuduvaria rugosa, which belonged to the family of Annonaceae, resulted in the isolation and characterization of nine interesting compounds. The chromatographic separation of the alkaloid fraction of the dichloromethane extract afforded seven alkaloids. All of them possessed oxoaporphine skeleton where rugosanine, 3-methoxycepharadione-B, ouregidione and norcepharadione-A have proved to be the member of the small group of 4,5-dioxoaporphine. The rest were known oxoaporphines, namely, liriodenine, oxoputerine and atherospermidine. However, rugosanine that carried aldehyde group at C-7, appeared to be a new compound. Besides that, two chroman compounds have also been separated from the petroleum-ether extract and were identified as PR8, rugosin-A and PR9, rugosin-B. Both of them possessed benzopyran ring system with long-chain carboxylic acid attached to the pyran ring and appeared to be new chromans. All of these compounds were isolated through conventional methods. Preparative thin layer chromatography and HPLC techniques have also been employed. Subsequently, the structures of the purified compounds were elucidated using spectroscopic methods; UV, IR, MS and NMR.