Chemical Constituents Of Desmos Dumosus , Roxb.


Mazdida Sulaiman




Desmos dumosus Roxb., chemical content, alkaloids, flavones


The chemical content of the leaves and bark of Desmos dumosus has been carried out in this study. The leaves yielded nine isoquinoline type of alkaloids and two flavones. The isoquinoline alkaloids isolated were pronuciferine 37, stepharine 39, nomuciferine 40, (-) - 3 - hydroxynornuciferine 41, norlirioferine 42, asimilobine 43, liriodenine 44, lysicamine 45 and O - methylmoschatoline 46. The flavones were 5 - hydroxy - 6,7 - dimethoxyflavone 47 and 5 - hydroxy - 7,8 -dimethoxyflavone 48. The same flavones, 47 and 48 and the alkaloids 45 and 46 were also present in the bark of this species. Another two isoquinoline alkaloids, namely 0 - methylisopiline 49 and discretamine 50, were found only in the bark of Desmos dumosus. All the above compounds were isolated by using chromatographic techniques, whereas the structural formula of the isolated compounds were elucidated using spectroscopic methods such as H NMR, 13C NMR, COSY, MS, IR and UV.