The Effect Of A Combination Gel Of Chlorine Dioxide And Aloe Vera As An Adjunct To Nonsurgical Treatment On Healing Of Periodontal Pockets


Bienvenida Sampang Kaveh




adult periodontitis , chlorine dioxide (ClO2) and aloe vera gel, periodontal pockets, clinical trials


The present clinical trial was designed to study the effect of a combination gel of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) and aloe vera (AV) on the healing of teeth with periodontal pockets following mechanical non-surgical therapy. The aim of this study was to compare the clinical response in 16 patients with chronic adult periodontitis treated with the test gel, OxygeneR with scaling and root planing (at sites with pockets >5mm) and scaling and root planing alone. The subjects were referred to the periodontal clinic and categorized as having chronic adult periodontitis. Fifty-eight teeth with pocket depths of between 3-9 mm were alternately assigned to 2 treatment groups; scaling and root planing (at sites with pockets 2:5mm) with the combination gel; and scaling and root planing alone Root planing was performed at baseline between 8 to 15 minutes per tooth under local anesthesia for test and control teeth The test gel was injected with a no 16 gauge needle attached to a 2.5 ml syringe into the periodontal pockets of the test teeth, which were isolated with a sterile cotton roll for 4-5 minutes. Three applications of the gel at baseline, 1-week and 2 -week intervals were made. One of the control teeth was extracted during the course of the study before the 8th week assessment, eventually leaving 28 control teeth which were evaluated against the paired 28 test teeth at the 8th week assessment. The trial extended over an 8-week period and assessments of probing pocket depth (PPD), loss of attachment (LOA), mobility and bleeding on probing (BOP) and plaque indices were made at baseline, at 4th week and 8th week intervals following therapy. There was a general trend for greater improvement in the clinical outcomes for the test group compared to the control group throughout the trial. Statistical analysis of mean values in the data from test and control teeth was performed using Wilcoxon Matched-Paired Signed Rank test. Clinical data sets indicated that the combination gel of CI02and AV as an adjunct to mechanical therapy significantly decreased probing pocket depths (p<0.05-<0.001) on all 5 surfaces except on the midbuccal, reduced clinical attachment loss (p<0.05-0.01) on the midlingual and distolingual surfaces, decreased bleeding on probing scores (p<0.05-0.001) on the mesial, distal and lingual sites and decreased tooth mobility scores (p<0.05) of the test teeth at the 8th week interval as compared to the control group in which scaling and root planing only was performed. In conclusion, this early development clinical study conducted on 16 patients with varying degrees of periodontal pockets suggests a possible role for this combination gel of CIO: and AV in the treatment of chronic adult periodontitis compared to mechanical nonsurgical treatment alone.