Spells : A genre Analysis






Malay traditional medicine, jampi and mantera', shaman


This research comprised of eight chapter based on analysis of jampi and mantera as a genre. As a start, Chapter One discuss about the background of research, concept (jampi and mantera, bomoh-pawang-dukun and genre itself) metedology of research, corpus and objective of research. Second chapter is to discuss Theoritical Aspects, used hi this thesis includes Asmah Haji Omar (1996) and Dell Hymes (1974). This chapter also include hypothesis of the research. Third chapter is to examine the structure of jampi and mantera with their variation in general.    Jampi and mantera have three part, named as introduction, content and ending. The primary topics that looked at is jampi and mantera' s structure in detail were discussed in chapter Four, Five and Six. These chapter also include their variation in details and supported by examples. As a genre, jampi and mantera should be different from another poems. Futhermore, chapter Seven focus on strategy of communication and politeness based on Dell Hymes (1974) and Asmah Hj. Omar (1996) theory. Final chapter, chapter Eight as the conclusion in this thesis deal with all the topics above.