Healthy Slimming in Traditional Malay Post Natal Care


Sharifah Anisah Barakbah


Traditional & Complementary Medicine Exhibition 2007 (TCME 2007), Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




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Many have marveled at Asian women who are known for their beauty and elegance despite giving birth to so many offspring. It is a secret that is elusive and unfortunately is said to fade away even amongst Asian societies today. Asian mothers today forsake the age and wisdom of the olden days thinking that science and technology is the answer to everything in healthy living. As a result they neglect due care and sadly has to suffer such lapses in their later life. It is generally found that modern day mothers who neglected proper care during confinement, commonly suffer body and back ache, pain to the muscle, bones, and joints, including the abdominal area, prolapse, cervical erosion, and many other problems. Even though through exercises one can be slim and have a trim stomach, the fact is the skin layer to the tummy area is ‘soft’, sagged and lined. The breast becomes shrunken and soft, despite trying various methods. Traditional Malay post-natal care is rich with tradition and practices which encompasses diet program, various traditional treatments and massages, including exercises. It is indeed a wonderful process whereby a new mother is given all the proper treatment and pampering which will restore her health and beauty. In the Malay culture and philosophy, it is believed that God rewards a woman who gives birth with more health and beauty, provided it is done properly and correctly. This holds true with many Asian women, who despite the many children and grandchildren that they produced, they can still maintain the alluring charm and beauty well into their golden age.