The Winning Royal Javanese Concept for Spa Development


Annie Savitri Haryo T. Baskoro


Traditional & Complementary Medicine Exhibition 2007 (TCME 2007), Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




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The Royal Javanese princess’s beauty is become long hidden secret for most Javanese people outside the Royal Palace. The special treatment, the sacral ritual, and the best material used are to provide the best services and the very excellence results for the Royal family and it was done by the “Abdi Dalem” or the Royal family’s servants. And for centuries it becomes the secret of Javanese civilization outside the “Keraton”  or the Palace. The secret behind the Palace’s wall inspired the founder of PT Mustika Ratu, Mrs. BRA Mooryati Soedibyo to share with other people to get the beauty of the Royal family in the modern era. The concept of the physical health internally and externally balance with mind and soul become the concept of Spa treatment in modern days, such as in Taman Sari Royal heritage Spa. Water, herbs and the energy of nature become the power of self healing method for most of traditional medication especially in Java. The Javanese body treatment is the Royal Javanese Heritage that has already done from generation to generation, and still have luxurious cultural and preserved. “Back to Nature’ slogan seems to be the best way to get a perfect healthy life. Despite of the philosophy of the treatments bring a total concept of being a long life health for people in the world. Indonesia has the same fundamental beliefs that the inner and outer harmony of a person must balance in a good health and her/his life style.