Unani Medicine Approach in HIV/AIDS    


Misbahuddin, Rahman S Z, Shahid Malik, Farhan Ahmad Khan


Traditional & Complementary Medicine Exhibition 2007 (TCME 2007),Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




Traditional medicine, HIV/AIDS, temperament


The Unani system of Medicine is a comprehensive healing system based on scientific data. Its drug sources and formations are natural. According to Unani system, the body consists of four humours viz. blood or sanguine (hot/wet), phlegm (cold/wet), yellow bile (hot/dry), and black bile or melancholia (cold/dry). All should be in equilibrium for a healthy state. Any imbalance will lead to impaired immune response. The Unani system recognizes each person as a unique individual based on his temperament and attributes, so the emphasis is on the type of person rather than the type of disease. Persons having phlegmatic (cold and moist) temperament are more susceptible to HIV infection and have more chances of progression to full blown AIDS as compared to bilious (hot and dry). Thus, bilious persons could respond to antiretroviral treatment better. AIDS virus is designated as cold and moist so the drugs and factors generating hot and dry environment are effective in combating HIV/AIDS. In addition, Unani system lay emphasis on physis (the doctor within) and body’s immune mechanisms by modification of six lifestyle factors like proper food and fluid intake, fresh air breathing, adequate rest and sleep, regular exercises, avoiding fear and anxiety and proper bowel habit. They boost immune system and may play a role in antiviral treatment. Some of the herbal drugs showing promising result in AIDS areAnogeissus acuminate,Callophyllum inophyllum,Chrysobalanus icaco,Polyalthia suberosaandNigella sativaetc.