The Global Information Hub on Integrated Medicine: Malaysia Strategic Initiative




The 21st Annual Seminar of the Malaysian Natural Product Society.(Herbal Medicine:Natural Products Society), Palm Garden, Putrajaya Malaysia.




Infohub, traditional and complementary medicine, integrated medicine, information


The rapid advance in information technology has resulted with borderless  information exchange in many areas including in the traditional and complementary medicine. Knowledge population of today excess such information through various means including electronic communication especially internet. Thus it becomes very important that such scattered and of different quality information be monitored and validated before used. With the strong support and commitment by a stable and visionary Government as well as fairly advanced information and communication technology infrastructure, the Multimedia Super Corridor, Malaysia has made a commitment in this field and had  embarked into this project, known as The Malaysia Global Information Hub on Integrated Medicine” or more aptly referred to as the “InfoHub”. It was implemented with the vision of promoting and enhancing the practice of traditional and complementary medicine (T/CM) towards the establishment of Integrated Medicine together with Allopathic medicine, through global communication and education with the availability of valid, up-to-date and comprehensive information. Launched in October 2003 by the Prime Minister of Malaysia after received approval from two International meetings, the 13th Commonwealth Health Ministers 2001 and 2002 pre-World Health Assembly as well as Malaysia Cabinet, August 2002, the prototype webpage,, contained local information on Policy, Trade, Intellectual Property Rights, Safety, Herbal Medicine Database as well as information from the first international partner, NHIonDemand, USA (formerly known as IntraMedicine Inc.). In making InfoHub a truly accessible and resourceful global centre of electronic portal, a strategic win-win partnership from local and international, government as well as non-for profit organizations (NGOs) is proposed and endorsed. Malaysia seeks to reach out to the world, inviting other countries and nations contribute further contents as well as other form of contribution to ensure the information remains relevant to professionals and consumers.