Medicinal and Aromatic Plants : Strategies and Technologies for Conservation. Practical Application Of Biotechnology In Conservation Of Medicinal And Aromatic Plant.


Wickneswari Ratnam, Ng Lean Teik,


Symposium 'State-of-the-Art Strategies and Technologies for Conservation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants' held under the auspices of G-15 Gene Banks for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.




Medicinal and aromatic plants, plant biotechnology, conservation.


Conservation of the diversity of medicinal and aromatic plants has three main objectives: i) to preserve the aesthetic values of these plants, ii) to maintain stability of these plant ecosystems, and iii) to utilise the phytochemicals of these plants for development of high value products. Conventional methods of conservation, viz. in situ and ex situ conservations and seed banks can address the first two objectives of conservation. Modern methods of conservation are important for the realisation of the third objective. Plant biotechnological tools such as DNA fingerprinting, DNA banks, gene libraries, tissue culture, cell and organ cultures, embryo rescue, artificial seeds and cryopreservation are discussed in this paper. Practical applications of these tools in medicinal and aromatic plant conservation are also highlighted.