Morphometric Studies On Several Species Of Local Sea Cucumber As Population Index


Rahmad Zakaria dan Zulfigar Yasin


Simposium Sumber Alam Kebangsaan Pertama. Tema "Penggunaan Pengurusan Dan Pemuliharaan Alam Dalam Konteks Pembangunan Negara", Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kampus Sabah, Malaysia.




morphometric studies, sea cucumber, population index


Growth indexes for sea cucumber are needed for the aquaculture management of these organisms, especially in determining market size and maturity stages. Population parameters were calculated for sea cucumber sampled at Langkawi and Redang Islands. Random sampling were done by snorkelling and free diving. Mean differences were calculated using student's t-test. Linear regression analysis were carried out. Mean differences were significant between Holothurla atra Jaeger 1833 from Langkawi Island and Holothurla sp. from Redang Island. There were no significant mean differences between both sets 1 and 2 of Stlchopus sp. from Redang Island. Relation between size frequency, total length, body weight, stomach weight and gonad weight were also obtained. Correlation coefficient are not significant (R>0.90) for all variables compared. Due to these weak correlation, it is suggested the use of a new parameter, the dried weight, as population index although this is a less convenient index to be used in the field.