Reproductive Cycle Studies of Sea Cucumber (Holothuria sp. And Stichopus sp.) Environmental Index


Sallehudin Jamon, Jessice Lee Wan Ling dan Zulfigar Yasin


Simposium Sumber Alam Kebangsaan Pertama. Tema "Penggunaan Pengurusan Dan Pemuliharaan Alam Dalam Konteks Pembangunan Negara"




reproductive cycle, sea cucumber , Holothuria sp., Stichopus sp., Gonad index


Studies on the reproductive cycle of sea cucumber is necessary for the effective menagemant of its fisheries. Reproductive cycle for Holothuria sp. and Stichopus sp. was studied at Redang Island, Terengganu from the month of May till December, 1991. The reproductive state was assessed by the gonad index, histology and histochemical analysis of the gonad tissues. Gonad index curves were nearly similar for both species. The gonad index value remained consistantly high during August but was reduced by September. Analysis done on oocyte sizes showed similar growth for both species investigated. The maximum oocyte size was found in August indicating gonad maturity. In Holothuria sp. mature oocyte size are more than 125 µm and for Stichopus sp. this is about 100 µm. Both oocyte sizes and gonad index have a strong correlation. Spawning stage for sea cucumber in Peninsular Malaysia is in September and is therefore a critical period for the management of sea cucumber fisheries.