Screening Of Cytotoxic Activities Of Marine Sponges From Sabah


Almah Awaluddin, Mazlin Mokhtar, Arbain Hj. Kadri, Lim Kok Kuang, Peter G. Parsons and Jeff J. Jacobs


Simposium Sumber Alam Kebangsaan Pertama. Tema "Penggunaan Pengurusan Dan Pemuliharaan Alam Dalam Konteks Pembangunan Negara", Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kampus Sabah, Malaysia




Sabah, marine sponges, cytotoxic activities


A total of 51 marine sponges around Pulau Tiga, Pulau Maganting and Pulau Tabawan, Sabah were collected by SCUBA diving from August to September, 1991. The samples were extracted in 96% ethanol. The crude extracts were weighed and the approximate percentage of crude extract from each sponge were calculated. All of the sponges collected were from Class Demospongiae, of which 13 were from the Subclass Tetractinomorpha and the rest were from the Subclass Ceractinomorpha. It was observed that spongy and elastic sponges contain more crude extracts than hard and fragile sponges. Hela, MM96E, MM418 andM2058 cell lines were used for the cytotoxic tests. 20 samples were found to be toxic (<100 ug/ml) to the cell lines. Generally, it was observed that massive and creeping samples obtained which were spongy and elastic were found to be cytotoxically active.