The Effects Of Tocotrienol On The Kidney And Stomach Total Glutathione Level And Gamma- Glutamyltrans Peptidase Activity In Rats Induced With Cancer


Koh Kwee Choy, Wan Zurinah Wan Ngah, Asmah Rahmat & *Khalid Abdul Kadir


The Fifteenth Malaysian Biochemical Society In Conference : Focus on Biochemistry in Malaysia in the 1990's, Faculty Of Medicine Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




tocotrienol, total glutathione (GSH) content, gamma-glutamyltranspep-tidase (GOT) activity, hepatocarcinogenesis


The effects of tocotrienol on the total glutathione (GSH) content and the gamma-glutamyltranspep-tidase (GOT) activity on non-target organs of rat hepatocarcinogenesis induced by diethylnitro-samine (DEN) and acetylaminofluorene (AAF) were studied. The organs studied were the kidneys and stomach. Tocotrienol on its own has no effect on the total GSH level as well as the specific activity of GGT in both the kidneys and stomach. DEN and AAF have no effect on kidtney and stomach total GSH content as well as the specific activity of GGT in the kidney. However treatment with DEN and AAF caused a significant decrease (p < 0.05) in the specific activity of stomach GGT. Tocotrienol was able to prevent the decrease in the activity of the enzyme when given together with the carcinogens. This observation suggested that tocotrienol may have a possible protective effect against the action of the carcinogens used. The observed results also seemed to indicate that treatment with DEN and AAF in this way had no effect on total kidney GSH content whereas GGT activities seemed more sensitive and maybe useful as a marker of exposure of the stomach to carcinogens.