Effects Of Seruntun Active Fraction On Mice Blood Parameter Infected With Malaria


Sahidan Senafi, Salmijah Surif, *Zainal Abidin Abu Hasan & Lee Meng Wai


The Fifteenth Malaysian Biochemical Society In Conference : Focus on Biochemistry in Malaysia in the 1990's, Faculty Of Medicine Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.




seruntun , active fraction, blood parameter, malaria


The effect of fraction IV seruntun was studied on blood parameters of P. berghel infected mice. This fraction was shown to be able to prevent a decrease in erythrocyte counts in the P. berghei infected animals. Administration of seruntun also caused a significantly lesser increase in leucocyte counts of these animals. Haematocrit contents and osmotic fragility tests similarly indicate modulating effect of seruntun to assaults by P. berghei on mice blood. This fraction itself is shown not to have adverse effects on the blood parameters studied.