The Safety Programme Of Traditional Drugs (Jamu) In Indonesia


Djoko Hargono, Directorate of Traditional Drugs Control, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Jakarta, 10560 Indonesia


Trends in Traditional Medicine Research, Proceedings of the International Conference on the Use of Traditional Medicine & Other Natural Products in Health Care




Jamu, safety programme, objective, scope, elements, regulation, standardization, licensing, registration, inspection, sampling and laboratory testing, development of traditional drugs.


The safety programme of traditional drugs (jamu) in Indonesia is carried out to support the health development programme that has been organized since the First Stage of the Long Term Development. The objective of this programme is the availability of the sufficient amount of safe, useful and good quality traditional drugs needed by the people, that can be distributed widely and evenly, and affordable by the people. To reach that objective, the regulation , development and control efforts of traditional drugs are organized. Regulation activities are conducted by drafting and implementing regulations and guidelines. For the implementation of those regulations and guidelines, guidance and counselling to the people on any provision in those regulations and guidelines and the control of their implementations are organized. The regulations mentioned above among others are the Minister of Health Regulation on the Industrial Business License and The Registration of Traditional Drugs and the Minister of Health Decree on The Good Manufacturing Practices of Traditional Drugs as one of its implementation regulations. According to the former regulation, it is regulated that every traditional drug industry which will carry out its production activities should get its license from the Ministry of Health. The inspection and evaluations of the premises and its condition, the processing machines, tools and equipments etc of the industry whose application is being submitted to the Ministry of Health are carried out according to the requirement in the Minister Decree on the Good Manufacturing Practices of Traditional Drugs. In the same regulation there is also a provision, which states that every product should be registered at the Ministry of Health before it is produced and marketed. In this regard the related traditional product is evaluated, whether it is safe, useful and in good quality or not. The development and improvement of traditional drug industries, wholesalers and retailers are also conducted according to regulations that have been stipulated, in order that the safety, usefulness and quality of traditional drugs be realized and improved. Control activities are conducted to encourage the traditional drug entrepreneurs to implement all regulations and guidelines on traditional drugs that have been stipulated. If such conditions can be realized as best as possible, it can be expected that the availability of safe, useful and good quality traditional drugs can be realized.